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A one of a kind seminar for crossfit athletes

Deconstructing the fundamentals of olympic weightlifting and competitive gymnastics to elevate your sport to the next level.


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Brought to you by Aaron Kroll (number one weightlifter in Australia) and Nic Willebrands (Australian Gymnastics team member), this one day immersive workshop for both men and women will demonstrate why the fundamentals of olympic weightlifting and competitive gymnastics are important to your training ethic and how by improving your focus and technique in these areas will help elevate your performance to the next level.

If you’re a crossfitter, weightlifter, interested in gymnastics or just want to try something new then this much anticipated and unique workshop is for you!

This workshop will be applicable to everyone from beginners through to those who are more experienced.


In this workshop, you will get right down to the basics of lifting and gymnastics. Aaron will break down the “Snatch” and “Clean and Jerk”, dissecting technique, cues, approach and mental attitude. Nic will bring his years of experience and mastery to help you apply the correct techniques and movements to be able to take your gymnastics to the next level.

With the risk of injury so great in this sport it is crucial to learn how to move correctly and build a strong base.

This workshop will be fun and full of energy, passion and enthusiasm. This is a hands-on workshop where you will be learning theory but also lots of practice.

This was insane! These guys know how to get you moving. I left the workshop energised, confident and armed with knowledge to immediately apply to my training. And I hit a new PB!

Tickets to XFit Workshop are strictly limited to ensure each individual receives the focus and attention they deserve. Do not miss out!

Your Coaches

Aaron Kroll

/ Olympic Weightlifting

Snatch: 180kg Australian (unofficial) record
Clean: 210kg Australian (unofficial) record

On the trajectory of becoming an Olympic rower in his home nation of South Africa, Aaron Kroll picked up weightlifting as an aid to his sport in order to increase both his strength and agility. Quickly realising this was his true calling, he shifted focus to dedicating his life work to mastering weightlifting full time.

With 8 years experience now under his belt and having been trained and mentored by some of the most respected strength and weightlifting coaches in the business from South Africa to Russia, the US and Australia, Aaron is now ranked #1 for his weight class in both the Snatch and Clean and Jerk in Australia: 180kg and 210kg respectively.

An impeccable eye for detail and a training/work ethic of his coaches past – Aaron knows what it takes to alter a lifter’s mindset and technique to quickly and effectively optimise their approach to lifting and movement in order to achieve optimum form; preventative to injury and increasing current max lifts.

Aaron is a full time strength coach in Sydney – training athletes in the fields of weightlifting, powerlifting, MMA and NRL.



Australian Gymnastics team member
NSW Institute of Sport (representative)
Australian Institute of Sport (representative)

Having trained gymnastics since the age of 7, Nic was soon identified by coaches for his explosive strength and mental attitude that would quickly see him being invited into the Boys Elite Gymnastics Squad at the Homebush State Sport Centre. Training 32 hours a week from the age of 9 – the dedication to push hard and win came natural for Nic.

Nic’s life changed dramatically as he soon became a representative of the NSW Institute of Sport and The Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra.

He went on to compete as a NSW representative (both as an individual and team level) at the Australian National Gymnastics Championships. Winning medals (in both team and individual) at national competitions, he continued to achieve accolades as he spent several years travelling the world representing Australia in competitions throughout Asia and Europe.

Nic has since retired from competitive gymnastics, however his passion for the sport and his love of training remain.

With his unrivalled mindset of knowing what it takes to win, his earned skill set and wealth of knowledge, Nic is now a strength athlete participating in the sport of powerlifting and coaches full time as a strength coach in Sydney.

on the Day


The role of Olympic Weightlifting in Crossfit.
The Snatch:
Deconstructing the 3 movements of the Snatch.

Demonstration & practical

The Clean & Jerk:
Deconstructing the 3 movements of the Clean and Jerk.

Demonstration & practical

The Variables:
Understanding the importance of the variables.

- hand position
- bar path
- catch positions
- foot position
- head position
- position of the arms
- position of the spine
- breathing techniques while lifting
+ more

Learn the importance of programming and exercise selection to ensure you work your weakness while also designing yourself an effective programme.
Max Out!
With new found skills come new PRs! Let’s get behind one another as a team and test our strength.

(Not compulsory)


The role of Gymnastics in Crossfit.
What is muscular coordination and why it is so important.
Warming Up:
How to warm up like an elite gymnast.

Demonstration & practical

The Handstand:
What constitutes a 'perfect' handstand.

Demonstration & practical

Strength Training:
Strength training for gymnastics.

Demonstration & practical

How to recover like an elite gymnast.

Theory & practical

Dates & Ticket Purchase

XFit Workshop will be touring Australia throughout 2019. Tickets for each location will be strictly limited to ensure the individual receives the attention and focus they deserve.



Fitness First Bond St

Sydney NSW // 10am - 5pm



Crossfit 168

Sydney NSW // 10am - 6pm



Private Venue

Sydney NSW // 9am - 5pm

Gym Owners

Our ambition is to help as many athletes as possible reach their new potential.

XFit Workshop is collaborating with a number of partners to bring the seminar to locations around Australia. If you are interested in having XFit Workshop operate from your venue please email us to discuss the possibilities.


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